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Myth: A Floral Hydrosol is just a Flower Scented Water

Myth: A Floral Hydrosol is just a Flower Scented Water

We'll tell you one thing that is absolute fact when it comes to Floral Hydrosols; the addiction is real!

Seriously, when we run out of our Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol, we have customers lined up waiting for their fix (and we're right there with them).

There is nothing quite like a pure, Certified Organic Hydrosol and once you've experienced one, you're unlikely to be fooled by imitators. However, there are a lot of products out there masquerading as floral waters when they are in fact nothing of the sort. So we're here to debunk any misconceptions about what a Hydrosol is and is not.

A Hydrosol is a pure product of hydro-distillation or steam distillation. It contains the water soluble compounds of the plant: acids, esters, monoterpenols and other alcohols. These are some of the most gentle components of the plant; anti-inflammatory, healing and especially useful for skincare, infants and small children. They’re beautifully fragrant, with a lighter, softer and sometimes greener fragrance than the essential oil. They can be used on their own, combined together or combined with essential oils to make a beautiful, natural, alcohol-free cologne. For the most part, a Certified Organic Hydrosol is safe for internal use, provided that the plant itself is safe for internal use. 

A Hydrosol is not a product made by adding essential oil or fragrance to water in a bottle, although many products labelled as ‘hydrosols’ or ‘floral waters’ are just that. It is also not a water that claims to be 'infused' with plant material. It’s wise to request clear and complete botanical details from your supplier when purchasing a ‘hydrosol’. It should be 100% distilled plant material with no added water, aroma, essential oil or preservative.

Our Favourite Ways to Use Hydrosols
Skincare: On their own or in combination with the best essential oils for your skin type as a beautiful, natural Facial Toner or Body Spritzer
Perfumery: The perfect base for a natural perfume or cologne
Small Children: Gentle treatment for babies, small children and those with sensitive skin
First aid: Gentle and effective treatment of trauma, bruises, burns etc.

Our Hydrosols at a Glance

Rose Bulgarian: We call this the 'gateway hydrosol'. Our Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol goes straight from the petals of rosa damascena to your face, and the results are to die for! Warning: the addiction is real ;)

Orange Blossom (Neroli): With the intoxicating aroma of Neroli, and the highly regenerative properties of the orange tree, Orange Blossom Hydrosol makes a brightening & rejuvenating facial toner for all skin types. It's also a lovely base for a wide range of natural perfume blends. 

Helichrysum: An amazing skincare ingredient for those with dull skin, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, or dark circles under the eyes. Also an important ingredient for your first aid kit; helpful for treating burns, bruises and swelling. 

Roman Chamomile: A wonderful hydrosol for babies and small children; extremely gentle, calming and soothing for rashes and skin irritations, diaper rash, eczema etc.

Frankincense: With its unique aroma and grounding psychological properties, Frankincense Hydrosol is the perfect base for a Yoga & Meditation Spritzer. It also brings highly healing and regenerative properties to skincare, and makes a great toner for dry/mature skin types.

Peppermint: Fresh, cooling and vibrant. This is a beautiful room spray base when energy and mental clarity are the aim. It's also very cooling for the skin, keep it in the fridge and spritz yourself on hot, muggy days = HEAVEN. 

Witch Hazel: An effective base for a natural bug repellent or first aid spray. Also a beautiful, cleansing toner for all skin types. Witch Hazel's gently astringent properties make it ideal for those with enlarged pores, acne and breakouts. 

Lavender Highland: Much like its essential oil counterpart, Lavender Highland Hydrosol is calming and healing for all skin types and a great choice for balancing oily/combination skin.

Want to see a Hydrosol Distillation first hand? In our Distillation & Formulation Workshop you'll have the chance to experience a Floral Hydrosol Steam Distillation from a traditional copper alembic still. It' going to be pretty awesome. Check out the details here!