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"the earth laughs in flowers" - e. e. cummings

Find out what we're all about in this short video!

EB was created in 1993.

Some of us have been around to watch it grow.

Others have been picked up along the way.

We all share a love for essential oils

and a passion for the quality and integrity

of our Aromatherapist line.

Tried and true believers in flower power,

meet the EB team...




Bonita loves plants.

She's been working in the areas

of organic perfumery and plant

medicine for over 30 years!

We think she's pretty awesome.

She's also camera shy.










Tatjana loves to travel.

Loves EB's connection with

farmers around the world

and with local businesses. 

 She's excited to use her

background in International

Development to build EB's future.





Simon loves people.

What else can we say?

EB wouldn't be without









Gabi loves all things beautiful

She's ahead of the game on everything,

she started using essential oils in the womb!

She's our West Coast trend setter.





Michelle loves holistic health.

She helps people to live

their best possible life!

And we all agree that the best life,

is full of flower power.

We couldn't be happier to have

this lovely lady representing us. 







We love Ken.

He knows how to open his wallet

and support a small business.

He thinks we're after his money,

But it's really his nose that's indispensable. 





Joel loves Canada.

He keeps things ''too easy'' with

his chilled out Aussie attitude.

He's also very helpful

when we break things. 




Bazza loves to smell.

He sniffs circles around

all of us - literally!

He even gives Ken some

competition in

the nose category.