Short Courses

We teach a wide variety of Aromatherapy Courses and DIY Workshops out of our space in Guelph, Ontario. Come join us! 

DIY Organic Perfumery Workshop - Click here for more info/to register!
When? Tuesday, January 22 6:30 - 8 pm
Where? Blooms + Flora, Downtown Guelph 
Cost? $75/person

Essentials Oils & Children: How to Use Them Safely and Effectively Around Your Kids (DIY Workshop)
When? Saturday, January 26, 12 - 3 pm
Where? Flo Studio, 260 Waterloo Ave., Guelph
Cost? $65 per person

DIY Natural Skincare Workshop: Zero-in on what your skin needs, make & take home some beautiful, clean & customized skincare products!
When? Saturday, February 23, 12 - 3 pm
Where? Flo Studio, 260 Waterloo Ave., Guelph
Cost? $65 per person

Topic Hall of Fame: We cover endless topics in this 'short course' format, below we've listed some of our favourites..

  • Natural Perfumery - Making natural scent is very tricky - learn how to blend and create your own, personal scent from an Organic Perfumer. Work with the precious oils that you might normally be afraid to experiment with & learn how to make a scent that lingers all day long, by building it with the right base notes. 
  • Raw Skincare - Learn how to work with all natural, easy-to-find ingredients to create a personalized skincare line! Simple, raw skincare products specific to your own, unique skincare needs. In this course you will learn how to make a natural cleanser, toner, exfoliant, moisturizer, clay mask and body oil. 
  • Medicine Cabinet - Focusing on which essential oils, carrier oils and hydrosols are best for treating common ailments. Learn how to make your own simple pharmacy apothecary!
  • Aromatherapy for Yogis - For yoga teachers and students alike, this course will help you to deepen your yoga and meditation practices with the use of essential oils.
  • The Basics - Not sure which area of Aromatherapy is most interesting to you yet? This course offers a broad overview and focuses on the basics of using essential oils in your daily life. These courses are always kept to small groups, so they can be catered to your individual lifestyle.
  • Extraction Methods and Simple Alembic Distillation - For the amateur chemist and herbal enthusiast! This course will teach you the basics of making your own plant medicine. It includes hands on work with an Alembic Still.

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