Professional Courses

Essential Oils can be used by a broad range of Holistic Health Professionals in their practices, ie; Aestheticians, Doulas & Midwives, Yoga Teachers, Message Therapists, Nurses, Psychotherapists, Aromatherapists, Nutritionists, Life Coaches etc.

We teach a wide variety of Aromatherapy Courses and Workshops out of our space in Guelph, Ontario. Come join us! 

Upcoming Professional Courses:

Essential Oils & Pregnancy DIY Workshop (plus Labour, Delivery and Post-Natal)
When? Saturday, October 13, 11 am - 2 pm 
Where? Flo Studio, 260 Waterloo Ave., Guelph
Cost? $60 per person, $50 for mamas-to-be

Essential Oils for Your Yoga Practice DIY Workshop
When? Saturday, November 3, 11 am - 2pm
Where? Flo Studio, 260 Waterloo Ave., Guelph
Cost? $65 per person, $55 for Yoga Teachers



Topic Hall of Fame: We cover many areas of study for Professional development, below we've listed some of our favourites..

  • Essential Oils & Aesthetics This is a training in Aromatherapy as it relates to aesthetics, with a focus on botanicals for skin and hair care. We will cover the safe use of essential oils, contraindications, safe use ranges and practices for the therapist. We will investigate the importance of quality and organic cultivation for plant therapy.

  • Essential Oils & the Nursing Environment - This is a training for health care professionals interested in integrating essential oils into their patient care. We will cover the use of essential oils in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and home care settings. A complete detailed description of essential oils relevant to this environment including: botanical and ecological info, methods of absortion/action and use, blending techniques, emotional/psychological effects, safe use range in relation to body systems, proper handling, storage, expiration and activity range.

  • Essential Oils & Massage Therapy - This is a training in integrating essential oils into a massage therapy practice. As well as learning the psychological and emotional benefits of essential oils in massage, you will learn the role they can play therapeutically for other systems of the  body. We will also cover principles of blending, contraindications, safe dilution ranges and practices for the therapist, potential hazards and a description of dermal reactions and sensitivities.

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